5 Options for Cars Wrecked After an Accident

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5 Options for Cars Wrecked After an Accident

Car accidents are more common than you would think it is. Around 3,200 people die due to fatal car crashes every day across the world. However, not every accident results in death, at least of a human being but cars are a different case altogether. You are more likely to have wrecked car after an accident and your only option is finding Nissan car wreckers Sydney’s directories have listed. However, you have around five more options that are listed below.

Get a replacement car

This is an option for those who need a car immediately after the accident. Once you call the insurance company, some insurers will be able to replace your totalled car with a new one comparable to the one you owned. In this option, the insurers take in the wrecked vehicle and sell it for scrap metal.

Get an insurance check

If sticking around for the procedures of getting a replacement car is not up to your liking, then getting a check from your insurer is the best option. This is the way to go if you simply need more choices for your new car. Your insurer will evaluate the damaged car and come up with a number. Once you get the check, you can buy a car of your choice.

Get the car repaired

If you are one of the lucky ones whose cars are operational even after an accident, you can always choose to keep the car and get it repaired. Even if your car has severe problems like a busted engine or radiators, you can still get them fixed, provided you are ready to spend some money.

Get the car junked or wrecked

Getting the check from the insurance company is the easy way out, but also a comparatively less profitable option. Insurers take in the totalled car, sell it for scraps, and keep the money to themselves while you only get the evaluated estimate in your check. However, you may stand to earn more if you take the car to the junkyard yourself. Ideally, before you accept the check from your insurer, get a quote from a yard for your car.

Get the sellable parts from the car

If your wrecked car has salvageable parts, pick them apart and sell them for extra money. You can sell the rest of the totalled car as scrap to your nearest junkyard with ease.


A car accident and the totalled car does not have to be a gloomy affair. With some quick thinking, you can turn it into an opportunity of getting a new car or earning some extra cash. These five options will allow you to make the most out of a seemingly bad situation.

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