Green Toyota Car Wreckers in Sydney

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Green Toyota Car Wreckers in Sydney

Do you have a Toyota that is rotting in your backyard? More often than not, car owners find it hard to sell their old cars that have been damaged in an accident. All they can do, apart from letting it sit in the garage, is to find a local junkyard, who may pay them in peanuts. With Sydney Cars4Cash, however, you don’t have to worry about all this.

We welcome car in any shape, size, and condition. Even if your car was in a great accident and the metal is all bent and crushed, we will still take. Our scrap yard has all the space to fit in your old Toyota with no qualms. So send us your old car and we will take good care of it.  

Home for your old Toyota

With Sydney Cash4Cars, you are finding a home for your old Toyota. Regardless of the model and the year of manufacture, we accept them all. With one phone call, we will take your car from your location, and you don’t even have to step out.

To sell us your old car, all you need to do is give us a call for an assessment. After the inspection, we give you a quote, depending on the condition and model of the car. Once a price is agreed upon, you get the cash instantly as we take your car with us. In short, with Sydney Cash4Cars Toyota car wreckers Sydney car owners can sell their damaged old car with no hassle and get instant cash.

Save money on genuine car parts

As Toyota car wreckers, we certainly do use the hydraulic press on them, but not before taking the good parts. Any functional part of the car is picked out by us to be sold to those who need it. Therefore, car owners can save on the exorbitant money they would have to spend on getting genuine Toyota parts for a repair. As such, when you sell your damaged car to us, you are indirectly helping someone out. Isn’t that amazing?

Green scrapping with Sydney Cars4Cash

One of the biggest concerns about letting your car, rot away, in your backyard is the potential harm it does to its immediate environment and anyone who approaches it. With oil leaks and rusted parts, anyone can get hurt. However, when you sell your car to Sydney Cash4Cars, you are preventing all of that.

Moreover, we use a sophisticated car dismantling method that allows a car to be recycled up to 90%, reducing what will go to the landfill and pollute the earth. Therefore, with us, you are doing your bit towards the environment.

Got questions? Give us a call to know how you can indulge in Green Scrapping with us.

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