Here Are The 4 Factors That Determine The Value Of Your Scrap Car

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Here Are The 4 Factors That Determine The Value Of Your Scrap Car

Have you ever thought of selling your old car that is rusting in your backyard? 
Scrap car owners have a good chance to turn the rusted machinery into cold, hard cash! You can turn your undesired scrap car into money by selling it for being crushed up.

It’s a win-win situation for both the owner and the scrap yard. This comes as an enormous relief because you now have more money in your pocket and ultimately turn out to be better off than where you were. 

However, we acknowledge that determining the value of a scrap car is complicated. They include the engine’s quality, parts (whether they work), and overall condition.

We composed this article to give you the fundamentals so that one doesn’t wind up napping with a toothless grin while dreaming of lottery prizes only to be offered less.

So let’s find out the criteria. 

Your Vehicle’s Make and Model

In the auto industry, the supply and demand of scrap car materials reflect the popularity of a model at any given moment. 

For example, cars from the ’70s are extremely in-demand right now because they’re old enough to be considered a collector’s item but still prime enough to still run. If you have an older vehicle that is relatively easy to dismantle, then you can likely get it for a lot more money.

Even the type of car materials can differ from model to model, and these different materials are made with environmentally friendly plastics. 

As a result, cars have less metal. This plays a huge role in determining the vehicle’s value!

Condition Of Vehicle

The condition of your vehicle determines if it can be restored and sold. If your car has a couple of scratches and it is running smoothly, if the make and model of your vehicle are in demand, as discussed above, you can ask for better money from the car wreckers in Sydney

If you have a car infested with junk, it will never go back to the road probably have to settle it for less money because the car wreckers won’t buy it other than for scrap metal or parts.

The State Of The Parts

Let’s pretend you have a car that isn’t worth restoring. 

But everything from the battery to the tyres to the music system can be recycled (if they’re still in good condition), so you have valuable car parts. 

A part’s value is also determined by demand; more people may need that part for their restoration projects than others, and as such, there is a higher demand for this particular part, which means you can get more money for it.

If your car has good tires, lights and other exterior parts such as mirrors, it will naturally give you a higher market value the minute you drive into the junkyard. 

If these parts are broken or missing, however, they will lower the overall value of your car.

The Price Of Scrap Metal

Not many people realize it, but metal is a valuable and expensive resource. Even if a car is so old that it wouldn’t even run if it ran, placing it at a junkyard can earn you dollars to purchase a new vehicle or any other expense. 

Giving your car to auto wreckers in Sydney will make sure that no part of your former vehicle goes to waste. 

However, the catch is that the price you will receive should you decide to recycle your car depends heavily on fluctuations in supply and demand for steel/metals and a host of other factors. 

For example, if steel is abundant around and has very little need, it’s almost certain to drive down steel prices. This is one of the most important “theories” you should remember whenever you sell your car. 


If you are looking to sell your car, we hope you now have a rational idea of your car’s value. We want you to be happy with the price you get for your vehicle.

Happy scrapping!

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